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The long learnt mathematical lessons would see its application on road as the Delhi government plans on to implement its ‘road space rationing’ policy from January 1.

The state plans to implement ALTERNATE DAY TRAVEL by allowing the vehicles ending with odd numbers to ply on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whereas, those ending in even numbers to ply on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday respectively. However, Sunday is open for all.  Thudding with a sense of anxiety the plan caught me off guard and dislocated me from the pandemonium for a while. It appeared too utopic for a city as swift as a wave. The hurried-ness and compulsions of the crowd led to chaos and flooded the notion of the government with sessions of interrogations, allegations and tags. The city packed like sardines and where people work on ‘jugaad’ rather than conspicuous logic immediately came up with multiple cross-tackling measures.

The regime which had a concerned bent in the argument was barred with numerous questions…Tax is paid for the entire year but if we aren’t allowed to ply on the road on all days, then do we need to pay the same amount? What about the situations of emergency? What about the security of women if they are to use public transport at night?

The point is not merely to implement a rule but the urgency is to make it successful in the long run. In my opinion the fallacy lies in the archetypical spectrum of the law. With an intention to merely try and test the method to control the level of pollution the Delhi government has spurted a movement towards a delightful living. However, given the laxness of city and diffused will of people the plan doesn’t seem to promise any great outcome. There is a great lack of collective sincerity. I.e. even if the aware and educated masses want to make a big move the call of discomfort halts their movement and saps their will.

The need is for a more fundamental, practical and logical change. The present policy would bring a great discomfort and chaos in the city and will not uproot the problem. In my opinion our easy-going system of traffic management, where sometimes the traffic lights doesn’t work, when there is no traffic police to see the fair and smooth sailing of traffic or to keep a check on flouting of rules.

The city should encourage a long lost and environment friendly modes of locomotion like walking and cycling. The green cycles available in the city at a reasonable price of mere Rs. 10 seems more conducive and sensible to keep a check on the city’s pollution level…

The measure to curtail the problem of pollution does not lie in the odd-even plate plan first because it is not ‘only’ the vehicles that lead to pollution, there are several other factors causing equal or even more harm to the environment. Secondly, the cumulative effort of the masses that can see the city moving towards becoming a furnace needs to be redirected with a conspicuous agenda and sensitivity towards making a real change. More so, in a technologically sound environment it is more sensible to come up with an app whereby a direct pre-defined challan is sent to the person’s house against whom a complain would be filed by sending the guilty’s photograph.

The city which shelters millions of people is not ready to fight the aggravating monster of pollution which is silently sapping their lives. The people of the city are not prepared to come out of their comfortable cocoons and the aroma of their cigarettes. In this expression of disguised comfort I just pray Vive la Delhi…..

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