Listening through the New-year…

1 January is not merely another day to pile on to your joyous or weary moments in a year. In the biting cold, covered under our cozy blankets we tend to connote the meaning of the day according to our mellow comforts and understandings. “Not all words fit to their meanings, Sometimes what is said is not what is meant And what is meant is left unsaid.” So the meaning of THE NEW YEAR lately has been commercialized and has […]

An Anarchist Ideology

The long learnt mathematical lessons would see its application on road as the Delhi government plans on to implement its ‘road space rationing’ policy from January 1. The state plans to implement ALTERNATE DAY TRAVEL by allowing the vehicles ending with odd numbers to ply on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whereas, those ending in even numbers to ply on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday respectively. However, Sunday is open for all.  Thudding with a sense of anxiety the plan caught me […]

Intolerance – Let’s talk it again!

How remarkable is the Indian culture! All admirations for their impeccable unity, their religiosity to follow the herd in any discussion and nodding in perfect unison beating even the up sync parade of 26th’January. What unabashed duplicity to praise movies like PK and at the same time to differentiate and marginalize ‘the other’ on the basis of caste and creed. A round of applause for the fanatics who use their freedom of speech to redeem their cause. This is my […]


Shrinking space for freedom of expression and growing intolerance towards difference of opinion has become a boiling issue from the last few months. The death of the writer M.M. Kalburgi and rationalists Narendra Dabolkhar and Govind Pansare has forced the artists to break their silence and decry their hard earned awards and denounce their reputed positions in a symbolic protest! Beginning from the notable writers as Nayantara Sehgal, Uday Prakash, Ashok Vajpeyi, Ghulam Nabi Khayal, G.S. Bhullar etc..the protesting gesture […]

TO BE OR NOT TO BE? – That is the question!

He was exuberant. Vivacious.  He enjoyed Shakespeare and poetry. He breathed the Eros in that moving city of London. He married. He was happy. He could hear the songs of happy cheer. He was active and eager to prove himself a man through combat. But a brutal WAR impinged into that celebratory life! THE WORLD WANTED HIM TO BE “NORMAL”…  HOW? – THAT WAS THE QUESTION! A sudden war plagued his imagination. He was metamorphosed! He was now the ‘real […]

I am not a feminist anymore….

A stale debate! I am a female and I am not a feminist “There is really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard” claims Arundhati Roy. The discourse around the F-word has lost its essence off late. Basing my argument around the notion of Free-Will it is apparent that the reach whether of a man or a woman is/can be curtailed if he/she desires. In majority cases where a girl is […]

Years of struggle after Diwali…..

       A plea for deglamourization     The flamboyance on 11th’nov’2015 was no less than any year as the enthusiastic people came out in full spirits all over again to show their machismo through their costliest fireworks and reveling their prestige in the smoky atmosphere. For most people lighting of firecrackers is the highlight of Diwali. Brighter the sparkles, louder the noise the greater the thrill!! In fact to many of us, these aesthetic forms of light seem so appropriate and most essential […]


In the world where 6:00 AM alarm wakes you up and then you have a tug of war managing the breakfast and getting ready within an hour to catch the bus at a scheduled time. On reaching office your mind gets divided between your aged parents at home and the hectic work schedule that is coming your way. Amidst all such tensions and piles of responsibilities we forget to ‘live’ and most of us in the city tend to kill […]


Understanding censorship from the biased point of view of an ARTIST. Censorship is like a predatory animal which hides behind and waits for the right time to attack the prey. This analogy delineates the ‘political’ aspect of censorship and how this politics dominates the realm of literature. Literature is an area of study which provides a mundane man with the power to exercise his thoughts and concerns, irrespective of its radicalism. This sense of power comes as a threat for […]


Road rage can be classified as a mental illness or a combination of emotional responses culminating in a pattern of behavior. This collapse of the composedness of minds is due to the crisis of a sense of community in our society and disintegration of shared values. In the metros where every person is in a quest to discover the horizon yet all this boils down to zero as soon as someone hits their vehicle. Exiting the car to attempt to […]