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Bowing down to patriarchy

One of the success stories of affirmative action in India has been the implementation of reservation of seats in local body elections for women, to the order of 33% or more. The importance of democratising the public sphere by inclusive participation of women in a largely male-dominated society cannot be stressed enough. In rural areas the quota has helped improve local governance, enhancing outcomes in delivery of civic services related to drinking water supply, sanitation and irrigation, among others. In […]


In the current period where information and communication technology such as news, appear to travel more faster than light whether it be on broad cast , computerised or you can say online networking , an outlook change has additionally happened in means and modes utilized by those chasing for news stories. The press is seen as a central component of majority rule government and press is something which works for nation benefit and welfare. Every citizen wants that there should […]

Supreme Court ignoring perils of imposed nationalism?

The Supreme Court has transgressed into moral policing yet again with its recent decision to make the singing of the national anthem compulsory before movie screenings. With a plethora of imperative pending cases in the pipeline, I find it rather odd that the Courts in India waste precious time and resources in defining something as personal as patriotism and the way a citizen should choose to express the same. Nationalism is the feeling of belonging to your nation and being […]

Intolerance – Let’s talk it again!

How remarkable is the Indian culture! All admirations for their impeccable unity, their religiosity to follow the herd in any discussion and nodding in perfect unison beating even the up sync parade of 26th’January. What unabashed duplicity to praise movies like PK and at the same time to differentiate and marginalize ‘the other’ on the basis of caste and creed. A round of applause for the fanatics who use their freedom of speech to redeem their cause. This is my […]