“I’m not afraid of being dead. I’m just afraid of what you might have to go through to get there.” ― Pamela Bone (A reputed Journalist) EUTHANASIA or “mercy-motivated killing”, is derived from the ancient Greek words: ‘Eu’ means ‘Good’, and ‘thantos’ means ‘death’, thus, meaning ‘good death.[1] It is the practice of putting an end to the life of a human or animal who is incurably ill, done in a way which is painless, for the purpose of limiting […]

At the crux of the Kashmir issue

Kashmir is and has always been a topic too sensitive to discuss or to talk about. However, this abstinence has led to the general population having misconceptions about their own nation and its ideologies. The independence from the British came at a price often considered too costly, the partition. The English didn’t want to rule India anymore and possibly couldn’t. There were three major reasons for that; firstly, the election of Clement Richard Attlee as Britain’s Prime Minister, the triumph […]

Misuse of section 498A IPC

Domestic violence needs a coordinated and systemic response from the justice system. While Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code is one of the most significant criminal law reforms protecting women’s rights, it is not enough. The initial demand was for a law to prevent only dowry related violence. Sec 498A was thus introduced in the IPC in 1983 closely followed by Sec 304B which defined the special offence of dowry-related death of a woman in 1986 and the related […]


Overview The consumer protection laws aim to safeguard interest of consumers it protects them from being cheated and victimized by sub standard goods. Evolution of consumer protection laws has changed the prevailing common law rule caveat emptor which means buyer beware to caveat venditor. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (hereinafter referred as COPRA) was the first general consumer protection law enforced in India covering all kinds of goods and services. The Act came into force on December 24 1986 which […]


INTRODUCTION As per the Statutory mandate under the Indian Evidence Act, courts can draw two kinds of presumption i.e., presumption of law and presumption of fact. A presumption is a rule of law that courts or juries shall or may draw a particular inference from a particular fact or from particular evidence, unless and until the truth of such inference is disproved. The Indian Law recognizes presumption of two kinds, presumption of law and presumption of fact. A statutory presumption […]

An Anarchist Ideology

The long learnt mathematical lessons would see its application on road as the Delhi government plans on to implement its ‘road space rationing’ policy from January 1. The state plans to implement ALTERNATE DAY TRAVEL by allowing the vehicles ending with odd numbers to ply on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whereas, those ending in even numbers to ply on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday respectively. However, Sunday is open for all.  Thudding with a sense of anxiety the plan caught me […]


Shrinking space for freedom of expression and growing intolerance towards difference of opinion has become a boiling issue from the last few months. The death of the writer M.M. Kalburgi and rationalists Narendra Dabolkhar and Govind Pansare has forced the artists to break their silence and decry their hard earned awards and denounce their reputed positions in a symbolic protest! Beginning from the notable writers as Nayantara Sehgal, Uday Prakash, Ashok Vajpeyi, Ghulam Nabi Khayal, G.S. Bhullar etc..the protesting gesture […]

The fluctuating value of Human Life

After the terrorist attacks on Paris last week, there was widespread coverage of the attack in all the news media of the world. Facebook even offered an option to change one’s profile picture to the colours of the French Flag to show solidarity with the victims of the attack and with France in general. Opinion pages were filled with moving prose regarding the indomitable spirit of Paris and how this vile and cowardly attack shall be overcome by the brave […]

TO BE OR NOT TO BE? – That is the question!

He was exuberant. Vivacious.  He enjoyed Shakespeare and poetry. He breathed the Eros in that moving city of London. He married. He was happy. He could hear the songs of happy cheer. He was active and eager to prove himself a man through combat. But a brutal WAR impinged into that celebratory life! THE WORLD WANTED HIM TO BE “NORMAL”…  HOW? – THAT WAS THE QUESTION! A sudden war plagued his imagination. He was metamorphosed! He was now the ‘real […]

Worshipping False Gods.

An open letter to fellow Indians. My dear compatriots, This letter comes from someone many of you have known, supported in a myriad ways, honoured with high office, sometimes challenged for opinions you found uncomfortably out of the box, but always given a sense of belonging. It was for that reason that I wrote the book,’At Home in India’ and the play ‘Sons of Babur’. But as I watch somewhat helplessly at what is happening to my home I need […]