Understanding censorship from the biased point of view of an ARTIST. Censorship is like a predatory animal which hides behind and waits for the right time to attack the prey. This analogy delineates the ‘political’ aspect of censorship and how this politics dominates the realm of literature. Literature is an area of study which provides a mundane man with the power to exercise his thoughts and concerns, irrespective of its radicalism. This sense of power comes as a threat for […]

Legal status for Transgenders

India Supreme Court recognizes legal status for transgender people The Supreme Court of India [official website] issued a ruling [opinion, PDF] on Tuesday recognizing the country’s large transgender population as a legal third gender. In so ruling, the court ordered that the government ensure that transgender people are not discriminated against and are eligible for government jobs and education in the same way as it does with other minority groups. It also ordered that the government take steps to promote […]

India and its incredible pollution problem

Incredible India! is the Indian government’s marketing slogan to attract tourism. And I agree. India is truly incredible in countless ways, both captivating and heartbreaking. Ten days ago I returned from my annual study tour with university students to India and my mind continues to sort memories, questions and concerns. Meeting families in the slums of Chennai, visiting Japanese companies and diplomats, staying at rural development projects and getting to know Indian law students through study, laughter and dance, each […]

India 3rd on black money

WASHINGTON: As India continues its pursuit of suspected black money stashed abroad, an international think-tank has ranked the country third globally with an estimated $94.76 billion (nearly Rs 6 lakh crore) illicit wealth outflows in 2012. As a result, the cumulative illicit money moving out of the country over a ten-year period from 2003 to 2012 has risen to $439.59 billion (Rs 28 lakh crore), as per the latest estimates released by the Global Financial Integrity (GFI). Russia is on […]

Rights of Women in India – Think Radically

India is in the middle of a radical change taking place in its development and global stature. As a result, all citizens should be decisive in their approach and make full use of this opportunity to help in the overall progress of the nation. Gender inequality continues to be a major issue in the Indian society. For decades, women have been kept confined to the limits of their homes thanks to meaningless beliefs and religious customs. There have been innumerable […]