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Bowing down to patriarchy

One of the success stories of affirmative action in India has been the implementation of reservation of seats in local body elections for women, to the order of 33% or more. The importance of democratising the public sphere by inclusive participation of women in a largely male-dominated society cannot be stressed enough. In rural areas the quota has helped improve local governance, enhancing outcomes in delivery of civic services related to drinking water supply, sanitation and irrigation, among others. In […]

The Recurring Attacks of The Infamous “Thak Thak Gang”

Thak – Thak is the sound made when someone knocks on the windowpane of your shiny car. A reasonable and a prudent person would be alerted and would humbly pull down the window to ask what is the matter. Little does the driver know that he has just been a victim of The “ THAK THAK GANG”. Within an instant, another knock is heard on the rear door of your car, the men accuse the driver of negligent driving; the […]


“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” ― Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change In general we feel proud that ours is a generation which is very much socially connected. But on a second thought, are we really “connected”? Do we actually know each other? Most of us spend major part of our lives, chatting, but are we actually having any […]

The fluctuating value of Human Life

After the terrorist attacks on Paris last week, there was widespread coverage of the attack in all the news media of the world. Facebook even offered an option to change one’s profile picture to the colours of the French Flag to show solidarity with the victims of the attack and with France in general. Opinion pages were filled with moving prose regarding the indomitable spirit of Paris and how this vile and cowardly attack shall be overcome by the brave […]


Understanding censorship from the biased point of view of an ARTIST. Censorship is like a predatory animal which hides behind and waits for the right time to attack the prey. This analogy delineates the ‘political’ aspect of censorship and how this politics dominates the realm of literature. Literature is an area of study which provides a mundane man with the power to exercise his thoughts and concerns, irrespective of its radicalism. This sense of power comes as a threat for […]

Loss of habitat

The staggering growth in the human population throughout tiger range countries means less space for the tiger and the depletion of its prey forcing it into conflict with humans. Tiger habitat is being overtaken by agricultural land, timber cutting, access routes, human settlement and hydroelectric dams – all of which have contributed to a 93% loss of the historic tiger range over the last 100 years. All of this is creating small pockets of land in which tigers now live […]