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The Muslim Personal Law reforms are in news nowadays due to the pendency of litigations in the Supreme Court of India. Some Muslim women have filed applications in the Supreme Court wherein they have challenged the legal validity of triple talak and polygamy prevalent in Islamic community. A three judge bench of the Court led by the Chief Justice Mr. Khehar has asked the parties to formulate legal questions to be decided by a Constitution Bench of the Court. The […]

Education is her Right

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress that women have achieved– B.R Ambedkar. Amidst  all the propagation of messages ,Slogans, widespread number of documentaries on Women Empowerment on social media, issue of being a feminist and huge media coverage of  eminent Social Activists, Politicians and Celebrities coming forth to discuss  and work for better society, stressing on the important role of women in over all socio-economic development of our country, contributing to change of mind […]

I am not a feminist anymore….

A stale debate! I am a female and I am not a feminist “There is really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard” claims Arundhati Roy. The discourse around the F-word has lost its essence off late. Basing my argument around the notion of Free-Will it is apparent that the reach whether of a man or a woman is/can be curtailed if he/she desires. In majority cases where a girl is […]

Rights of Women in India – Think Radically

India is in the middle of a radical change taking place in its development and global stature. As a result, all citizens should be decisive in their approach and make full use of this opportunity to help in the overall progress of the nation. Gender inequality continues to be a major issue in the Indian society. For decades, women have been kept confined to the limits of their homes thanks to meaningless beliefs and religious customs. There have been innumerable […]

A Girl Needs No Special Rights, Only Equal

Gender discrimination is one problem that continues to affect women in India. The traditional oppressive norms have relegated women to secondary status at the workplace and in the household. This has left them with little or no education at all, poor health and financial status, as well as little involvement in the political arena. They are quickly married off when too young, and that means they become mothers at a tender age. They cannot cope with the stringent domestic and […]

Protect Women from Domestic Voilence

In today’s contemporary world women have all the rights to be able to get same powers as men do have i.e. there should be gender equality. Thanks to the technology that has bought a big change in empowering women by declining the discrimination that is being happening with the women from distant past. But even today, a few women are still facing several obstacles in the way to brightening their life, due to the gender discrimination of the culture that […]