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A stale debate!

I am a female and I am not a feminist

There is really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard” claims Arundhati Roy.

The discourse around the F-word has lost its essence off late. Basing my argument around the notion of Free-Will it is apparent that the reach whether of a man or a woman is/can be curtailed if he/she desires. In majority cases where a girl is said to be ‘silenced’ is merely a human construct. They remain silent because they choose to be so! There is a hidden MALALA in every woman it is you yourself who fail to recognize and uncover “her”.

In a recent documentary “He Named Me Malala” by Davis Guggenheim, the protagonist herself claims that “her father just named her Malala, he didn’t make her Malala”!  Thereby, the whole accusation against the nexus of the patriarchal society is a vain story. The word never existed until the twentieth century; it was the year’s long disputation between the sexes which forced the thinkers to coin it as a domain of study. However, there has been no conclusion yet and will never be as this sense of differentiation exists within the minds of people. This is evident of the general remarks made to a girl- ‘you look so pretty’ however, a boy on the other hand is always asked ‘you’ve grown too tall. How’s your study going’? etc..

Moreover, there are propagandas against those men who come up to support the other sex and are barred with insensible allegations. It is so intolerant to say that feminists are females. Our society remains under the tutelage of anachronistic values and paradigms. People here are obsessed with the notion of wombs and vagina! Feminists are mature liberalists with a vision of egalitarianism.

With an increasing sense of prize fight it has become the need of the hour to accept the fallacy underlying the conventional sexist mindset and to not just treat rather ‘get treated’ at par with the other! Thus with this grooming thought comes the realization that the lessons insulated to us in the name of feminism  are all a vain discourse as there is nothing such as feminism!

It is a society of women kicking alive through their skirts carving their niche ever glamorously before “For most history anonymous was a woman” exclaimed Virginia Wolf hitting upon the vacuity of hidden female identity within the society who was still voicing disguised. So let’s just wrap up the debate around asking for equality. Because it’s already there, we just need to kick our lazy selves to wake that dormant voice!

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