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How remarkable is the Indian culture! All admirations for their impeccable unity, their religiosity to follow the herd in any discussion and nodding in perfect unison beating even the up sync parade of 26th’January. What unabashed duplicity to praise movies like PK and at the same time to differentiate and marginalize ‘the other’ on the basis of caste and creed. A round of applause for the fanatics who use their freedom of speech to redeem their cause. This is my India- the land of gullible intolerants!

Amidst the expanding economy, with moving car and shrewd politics there is no time to dislocate the quite of the society. The lurching uncertainty of any crime cannot curtail our merry existence. Which is the safest place? When are you safe? With whom are you safe…..???? With no definite answer to any such question we cannot dictate our insecurity. It is merely a state of mind ornate as ‘intolerance’ by those who administer their freedom of speech.

Years of boiling debates, unflinching propagandas, gruesome punishment and murders has never faced a back lash of the ‘intolerant’ protesters! The pertinent question that remain unresolved is-

Does a radical notion bound to be attacked and censored?

If YES, then that is INTOLERANCE and #IStandwiththeissue.

But if NO, then how will you justify the times when people like Voltaire and Bakhtin were imprisoned because of their anti-establishment views? When a fatwa was issued against Salman Rushdie for his outright delineation of Muslim religion?

Intolerance is merely a figment of poetic imagination. The hyperbolic reactions on the series of incidences beginning from the verdict on banning of beef to Amir Khan’s statement about his wife’s insecurity to leave the country seems to be a ‘mirage’ which would disappear as we would narrow down to the crux.

The discussion which began with a dissent turned into a collective hysteria pervading a sense of animosity and disquiet in the country. Issues’ pertaining to communal harmony has always been nerve wrecking to the country. Its mere alarm comes mired in haste and hoopla creating a chaos and paralyzing the senses of people.

In the wake of rising inequality and biasness the song of intolerance aids the protesters to escape into the utopic society of swift justice, their proliferation strengthens a sense of secularity which envelopes the entire propaganda into a dust of sophistication.

The ‘Masquerade of Intolerant India’ has become a shameful debate. The disguised Machiavelli intention behind the charade of the protesters seems a pointless debate.

I feel ambiguous….

When did the nation of Gandhi become so intolerant all of a sudden?

Was it foretold by the astrologers that insecurity would seep in today and not any time before even if you have a massive bomb blast, a gruesome murder, or an agonizing rape case?

The most diverse country which probably shelters people of all castes and religions since ages! Where Id, Diwali, Vaisakhi, Christmas etc are marked by holidays to celebrate the residing secularity! Where the superstar ‘khans’ of the film industry are everyone’s favorite! Where Tasleema Nasreen is read with equal admiration as Nayantara Sehgal!

With affirmative answers to all these questions the soul of the argument lies dead. It is hence proved to be an impulsive debate started by the inherently imbibed quality of ‘anger’ and ‘intolerance’ which disrupts the harmony in society, betrays the faith in the cause and opens the body for arguments and counter arguments.

There was a peculiar silence speaking through the conscience of the country as soon as the Bihar community celebrated its victory in 2015 State Legislative Assembly Elections. We all thought it was over. No more news about intellectuals relinquishing their prestigious moment. We were high with solidarity for the Paris Attacks. Then a sudden boom!

“When I chat with Kiran at home she says- should we move out of India? That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make. She fears for her child. She fears for the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day.”

This was Amir Khan who decided to join the parade singing the anthem of intolerance and we were back to the pavilion. In the holy name of ‘freedom of speech’- spates of articles-arguments-counter arguments-filed sedition breaks the brief interregnum, foregrounding the dormant debate yet again.

All those who complain of intolerance in the country are caught in the nexus of instability and somewhere of their clandestine identity as jugglers! Marching through the lanes as an act of defiance liberates them from their awry existence and helps them to reframe their long lost/forgotten identities.

“They will not let you have peace,

They don’t want you to have anything they don’t have themselves”.

How succinctly Margaret Atwood banged on the tong and left its echo reverberating in the atmosphere….

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