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1 January is not merely another day to pile on to your joyous or weary moments in a year. In the biting cold, covered under our cozy blankets we tend to connote the meaning of the day according to our mellow comforts and understandings.

“Not all words fit to their meanings,

Sometimes what is said is not what is meant

And what is meant is left unsaid.”

So the meaning of THE NEW YEAR lately has been commercialized and has lost its ethos. Today it becomes essential to dig deeper beyond those glossy decorations and mid night parties to celebrate the occasion in its real sense.

The meaning of New Year is not defined by the 12’o’clock celebrations on the 31st’December. Nor is it in making special efforts to call up people or giving gifts to commemorate the new beginning. It is also not about devising an even greater strategy to publicize your business overtures nor about making strict New Year resolutions to bypass all the curves that turned wrong.

New Year comes with a new hope to bring about a difference but as we proceed each day, when the ‘new-ness’ begins to melt, the flames of fire begins to cease and the days come to a full circle when the chill seeps in to our skins and the cold render us frozen. Reflecting back on our plans and the lowering graph of our promises we remain disappointed by ourselves yet again.

Amidst the conundrum of excitement and mind boggling ideas let us lend an ear to our complacencies by not just procrastinating our thoughts and duties rather to squeeze our innermost energy and be on pins and needles to introspect for finding a meaning of our living and join hands to make the world a better place to live!

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