National Voters Day- 25th January | Hind
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Here’s the day to celebrate Democracy in India. We are here celebrating our seventh National Voters day today, on 25th January.

Do you know that election commission of india was founded on 25 january 1950. thus, the day was declared as national voters day in year 2011.

The Day aims at increasing the enrolment of voters, especially encourage participation of newly eligible young voters and ensure universal adult franchise.  

Election Commission of India’s remarkable role in establishing its mission is noteworthy in recent years and worth a salute. In year 2014 elections, 814.5 million people were eligible to vote, with an increase of 100 million voters since the previous general election in 2009 making it the largest-ever election in the world. Around 23.1 million or 2.7% of the total eligible voters were aged 18–19 years. The average election turnout over all nine phases was around 66.38%, the highest ever in the history of Indian general elections.

To whom we vote is truly our own decision, but we must vote because to vote is our right, it’s our voice and our duty. Every vote holds the ability to make a better future.


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