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In the world where 6:00 AM alarm wakes you up and then you have a tug of war managing the breakfast and getting ready within an hour to catch the bus at a scheduled time. On reaching office your mind gets divided between your aged parents at home and the hectic work schedule that is coming your way. Amidst all such tensions and piles of responsibilities we forget to ‘live’ and most of us in the city tend to kill the child within us. So this children’s day let us break through this web to keep our innocence alive and not “just survive”!


There was a ladder standing stern

Entangled with my curls I could not discern

Vain were the efforts to clip my wings

My curious eyes reached the highest swing


A tear of delight rolled off my cheek

I reveled in the beauty which none can breathe

With a jump of joy I celebrated around

My filthy clothes kept me sound

The squirrel that overtook me was a blissful sight

Tracing its path I would uncover some shine

Living through these blurred visions I cheer aloud

This was my childhood all about.

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