The Recurring Attacks of The Infamous “Thak Thak Gang” | Hind
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Thak – Thak is the sound made when someone knocks on the windowpane of your shiny car. A reasonable and a prudent person would be alerted and would humbly pull down the window to ask what is the matter. Little does the driver know that he has just been a victim of The “ THAK THAK GANG”. Within an instant, another knock is heard on the rear door of your car, the men accuse the driver of negligent driving; the driver in a frenzy state of mind consoles the men and goes on with his route. Five minutes later the driver realizesthat the bag kept in the rear seat of the car just went missing. Thak Thak gang has been making headlines since 2012.

Supreme Court Advocate Dr.Lokendra Malik was the latest target of the gang, as they swiftly stole the mobile phone kept on the passenger seat, while the other member of the gang was busy distracting Dr. Malik. Being muddled Dr. Malik later realized that his phone was missing. An FIR was registered at the Laxmi Nagar Police Station but no trace has been found yet. This pops up a question that police has not yet tried to investigate into the members of Thak Thak Gang, even though the gang has been breaking the headlines since 5 years in all national newspapers.

Going by the various Thak Thak Gang Robberies, it can be clearly deducted that the gang operates in suburban Delhi. There have been instances when the gang members divert the attention of the driver by saying that the car fuel has been leaking. As soon as the driver parks the car and gets out to check the leakage, Thak Thak Gang members in the meantime execute another heist. According to reports, Thak Thak Gang generally employs Juveniles so that even if they are caught, they will be freed eventually. Their modus operandi is very idiosyncratic as they target nebulous people and after executing their heist, they vanish into thin air.

Delhi Police even after having thousands of pending cases against Thak Thak Gang has not taken any action in that direction.

Clearly with every successful execution this gang is increasing its momentum and has started employing more and more people. This clearly addresses the need to have surveillance cameras on red lights and busy passes.

These gangs take advantage of the lack of surveillance infrastructure, which these busy chowks suffer from. It is quite surprising to note the clueless reaction of police officers and their negligence to let such criminals breed under their nose. With a rise in the number of such crimes, there is a strong and unmatched need to catch them in a vulnerable state. Hence, kindly beware next time when someone comes knocking on your windowpane.

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  • Bobby Tiwari Reply

    Great informative article Rishab.

    December 7, 2016

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