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He was exuberant. Vivacious.  He enjoyed Shakespeare and poetry. He breathed the Eros in that moving city of London. He married. He was happy. He could hear the songs of happy cheer. He was active and eager to prove himself a man through combat. But a brutal WAR impinged into that celebratory life!



A sudden war plagued his imagination. He was metamorphosed! He was now the ‘real man’. He could ‘now see’. See through the ills of the world. Through the diabolic nexus of the patriarchy which has spread its poison too deep to recover.

He decided to protest! Not by waging war rather abstaining from being a parent! He never had children. He didn’t want to be a participant into that poisonous nexus which created future warriors.

The society barred him as a ‘madman’. The psychiatrists and doctors- the most reputed professionals and life savers of society wanted him to worship PROPORTION and CONVERSION. However, Septimus chose not to succumb and audaciously confronted them by his death. In his death lies a strong defiance against the corruption underlying the society voiced by Virginia Wolf in Mrs. Dalloway.

The society which is joining hands against the PARIS ATTACKS by giving condolences, through e-posts, the peace symbol which has gone viral etc are all pseudo-protestors. All of us have a ‘partial vision’ towards the reality in its real sense. It’s a reaction that comes out of consciousness for the society. There is a lack of ‘implemented realism’ in our society. All the Septimus, Gandhi, Bose have now merely become rich voluminous characters in the books!

The heightening defilement in the society has shunned the doors of aestheticism. There is no penchant for appreciating ‘the real Paris’. The city of rich fashion, art, food, and culture. The growing intolerance, callous insensitivity, Sharpening biases, Religious misgivings Calls for rage and massacres. It is in way contempt towards human dignity. “It destroys those who practice it. As they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies”.

With the increasing threats and attacks from Charlie hebdo shooting to the recent massacre the picturesque city has to clip its wings to escape the injury to human life, property and nature!  The compulsion of the hour is to EMBRACE PACIFISM; revel in the song of nirvana and to join hands in decrying the corrupt system and be a martyr with Septimus in his death!

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