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Road rage can be classified as a mental illness or a combination of emotional responses culminating in a pattern of behavior. This collapse of the composedness of minds is due to the crisis of a sense of community in our society and disintegration of shared values.

In the metros where every person is in a quest to discover the horizon yet all this boils down to zero as soon as someone hits their vehicle. Exiting the car to attempt to start confrontation, including striking other vehicles with objects, shouting verbal abuses or threats and making rude gestures is what can be called “Hyper-Raging”.

On 6th’April’2015 Delhi witnessed another palpitating incident when Shahnawaz’s motorcycle grazed a car near Turkman Gate. Consequently, five men who stepped out of the car took his life in front of his two young soon as they brutally attacked him by the iron rods.

Reduced law enforcement, growing congestion in cities and personal issues play a large role in the disposition of the aggressive drivers. “HERE MALICE, RAPINE, ACCIDENTS CONSPIRE,

AND NOW A RABBLE RAGES, NOW A FIRE” as cited by Johnson for the city of London seems to be true even in today’s scenario as well. Therefore, it becomes the need of the hour to implement the laws under the ‘motor vehicles act, section 185’. High penalties should be charged from the trespassers. The traffic police should religiously ensure that the motorists are driving under the given speed limit and in correct lanes. By following these rules this ‘blest age’ would be saved from transforming into a ‘groaning nation’.    


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