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Highest intellect is perhaps that seems to make us human superior to other animals. Perhaps , we are the only animals who ill-treat and kill them for our pleasure. They are not our blood relation. No, neither distant  cousin or relatives. They don’t speak or convey the way we do. Who are they? Why should we care? They are the integral part of nature, just likes plants and us. They have life in them , equally precious as ours. We have no rights to demean them, their lives, and their  right to natural existence. They are related to us. The very reality of birth and death in the nature of earth brings us to the same incomparable point where our illusionary superiority is denied. We have belongingness, togetherness and we can be friends because we co-exist in the same way. We can be compassionate to them. As rightly said by Charles Darwin, “There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and  misery.”

Now, when we are well convinced with above fact, can we differentiate which animals is more important and which is less? Whose life is to be saved who is to be killed!! Life of a goat, cock, hen, pig, monkey, duck, parrot is equally precious to life of cows, buffaloes, horses, tigers, etc. All bear the same pain and misery when ill-treated, captivated, or killed. Even we would feel the same.

Human is born as omnivores. Our physical anatomy reveals so. Being a non vegetarian is not unusual. But we have understanding, we have virtue, we have heart to feel others pain. But , you can’t force someone to be vegetarian or non vegetarian. It’s no topic to be debated. It’s a fact to be accepted. We are a part of ‘Food Web’ and ‘Web’ is a complicated thing. I am sure, you won’t deny !! You must be having one of your non-vegetarian friend in love with dogs, cats, horses or many other species. He is compassionate and a friend to them. On contrary, just being a vegan, is not the symbol that you are an animal lover. It needs a lot more in us.

In context to Today, the special day as the whole world celebrates “World Animals Day” – we herby should pledge to love , care and work for their welfare. Not just for the dog ,cats and parrots we usually have as our pets, but for those in zoos, in circus, in forest ,at our streets and especially those sold for medical experimental purpose. We need to treat them with best affection we could share.

Let us not destroy the nature’s biodiversity. Let our future generation enjoy the same beauty of earth that we have felt, else this could only be the part of stories we would share with them.

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